IQF Products

With exotic products that promote a healthy, active lifestyle,
we are proud to offer this different consumption alternative.
From Iqf-Food Ecuadorian we are dedicated to delivering the tastiest frozen food that our nature and country has to offer.


The banana is a special variety of sweet taste.

If you have other format, please tell me..

Dragon Fruit Yellow - Pitahaya

The pitahaya is also known as dragon fruit because of the irregular peel and scales, it is born from a type of cactus in the Cactaceae family, from America.


We offer the following:

IQF Chunks

IQF Diced

We offer the variety Tommy Atkins.


Fresh green asparagus, Variety officinalis L

  • IQF whole asparagus
  • IQF Off-Cuts


Yuca Cassava Manioc

IQF Irregular Pieces

IQF Sticks

Plantain Toston

Patacon precooked, ready to be fried, delicious plantain flavor.

  • Toston or Patacon is a precooked, the fried its very fast on oil cooking, very good taste with a little salt.
  • Plantain it´s a  green banana is just a still unripe banana, it contains a more resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that is not well absorbed by the body and can generate many health benefits

Hearts of palm

Exotic and fresh, this is the heart of amazon jungle palm. A hearts of palm low in sodium, high in fiber and vitamins. It is found in glass and can presentations.

– IQF Diced.

– IQF Chunks.

– IQF Slices.

– IQF Hearts of palm whole.

– IQF Spaguette.


We offer the following:

  • IQF Chunks
  • IQF Diced

we offer la variety golden.


We offer the following:

– Iqf diced.

– Iqf chunks.

the variety of papaya is maradol.


Available in variety Guatemalan, this product is produced from carefully selected fruit,
  • IQF Chunks
  • 100% Natural
  • Healthy and mature